about the show

Alex Edelman’s third solo show, Just For Us, takes the audience through hilarious anecdotes from his life — his Olympian brother AJ, an unconventional holiday season, and a gorilla that can do sign language — but at its center is an astonishing and frighteningly relevant story. After a string of anti-Semitic abuse is directed at Edelman online, he decides to covertly attend a gathering of White Nationalists in New York City and comes face to face with the alt-right abusers. The result is a hair-raising encounter that gives Just For Us its title and final, jaw-dropping twist.

"Critics’ Pick! Belly-laugh funny! A brisk, smart provocation of a monologue.”
— The New York Times

“Uproarious. Among Edelman’s many strengths as a writer and performer is an exceptional eye for the absurd.”
— The New Yorker

Edelman is a master.
— Time Out

Written and Performed By
Alex Edelman

Directed By
Adam Brace

Executive Producer
Mike Birbiglia

Associate Producer
Peter Salomone

Production Manager
Libby J'Vera

Lighting Designer
Amina Alexander

Sound Designer
Margaret Montagna

Production Coordinator
MC Mangum

Company Manager
Claudia McCoy

Grapevine PR

Production Associate
Sam Lane

Production Electricians
Dan Mullins, John Anselmo

Original Artwork
Tristan Eaton

Additional Graphic Design
Adam Jeffers

Additional Stage Managers
Taylor Poer, Amber Riggle

Additional Company Manager
Melanie McSweeny

Production Photography
Monique Carboni