about the show

In his latest attempt at humor, Colin breaks down the one area he’s actually gifted in: Personality. Mr. Quinn has been chatting it up with friends, family, municipal employees and counter people for his whole life and now he can teach you how to stop sucking the energy out of the room.

“AN ESSENTIAL PART OF THE OFF BROADWAY LANDSCAPE, adding a much-needed bounty of jokes to the regular theatrical menu. His gift, and greatest comic subject, is the comedy of language.”
— The New York Times

"BITINGLY AND BRACINGLY FUNNY! Much standup-style comedy is merely complaining while entertaining, and Mr. Quinn is a master of the form.”
— The Wall Street Journal

“WITTY AND INSIGHTFUL! Like listening to a barstool philosopher.”
—  Theatermania

Written and Performed By
Colin Quinn

Directed By
James Fauvell

Produced By
Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia

Co-Produced By
Brian Stern

Associate Produced By
Alex Brizel

Scenic Designer
Zoë Hurvitz

Lighting Designer
Amina Alexander

Sound Designer
Margaret Montagna

Production Manager
Libby J'Vera

Production Coordinator
Madison Lane

Additional Production Coordinators
Cate DiGirolamo

Company Manager
Melanie McSweeney

Production Assistant
June Curry

Technical Director
Parker Lane

Press Representative
Keith Sherman & Associates

Key Art Design
Sunqueen Designs

Key Art Photography
Diana Molia

Stephen Gilewski

Scenic Painter
Lauren Page Russell

Production Electricians
John Anselmo, Dan Mullins, Miranda Tremblay

Zachary Brenton, Nikeem Deleon, Christopher DiNapoli, Cameron Filepas, Chris Robinson, Evan Roby, Aidan Sartori

Production Audio
Finnius Dowling

Jacob Bubeck, Christian Carew, Leo Faitakes

Lighting Rentals Provided By
Hayden Production Services

Sound Rentals Provided By
One Dream Productions

Scenic Build By
Patrick Nash Designs