about the show

A one-person comedy about sex in the face of death, gender transition on the brink of oblivion and the search for love at the end of the world.


— All About Solo

“During the show, they create a space where queer and trans people can get together and laugh at the ridiculousness of our lives, where we can feel like our experiences are finally the ones getting talked about with nuance and in graphic detail, where we can laugh together instead of being left out or laughed at and perhaps most importantly, a place where we can all feel a bit less lonely.”

— Theatermania


 — New York Theatre Guide

Written & Performed By
Jes Tom

Directed By
Em Weinstein

Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia

Elliot Page

Scenic Design
Claire Deliso

Lighting Design
Jennifer Fok

Sound Design
Margaret Montagna

Production Manager
Libby J'Vera

Associate Production Manager
Rachel Russo

Production Coordinator
Zach Brecheen

Company Manager
Kristy Bodall

Production Associate
Sam Lane

Additional Production Coordinator
Ashton Pickering

Press Representative
grapevine PR

Production Electricians
John Anselmo, Dan Mullins, Emily Darone

Prop Artisan
Addison Hereen

Jacqueline Marolt, Brian Howard

Production Assistants
Uladis Bautista, Kyle Yonhorn

Key Art
Sunqueen Designs

Key Art Photographer
Samantha Brooks

Website and Additional Graphic Design
Stephen Gilewski

Production Counsel
David Manella / Loeb + Loeb