about the show

In her acclaimed one-woman show, Kate Berlant explores the events of her life that have brought her to this moment. Embodying many characters in this tour de force performance, she expertly morphs before our eyes and exposes a truth she has, until now, kept hidden.

Critic’s Pick! “A brainy, busy, dizzy, prankish one-woman show.”
— The New York Times

“A MASTERPIECE! If you have the opportunity to go see it, you must. It’s 90minutes of shape-shifting virtuosity.”
— The Daily Beast

“Brilliant! A dazzling hall of mirrors, a head-spinning exploration of narcissism, and an undeniable celebration of Berlant’s Big Brain Energy.”
— The Guardian

“An embodiment and celebration of performance, a towering and gorgeously produced monument to superficiality, playacting, pleasure, excess, and the self.Berlant’s performance throughout is exquisite, impeccable, and absolutely deadpan.”
— Vulture

“Sharp, offbeat and occasionally even heart-stirring, Kate is comedy at its most fresh and sophisticated. An evening of virtually unalloyed pleasure.”
— The Wall Street Journal

Written & Performed By
Kate Berlant

Directed By
Bo Burnham

Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia
Bo Burnham & Eli Bush

Lucille Lortel Theater & Nathan Mardis

Scenic Designer

Lighting Designer
Amith Chandrashaker

Associate Lighting Designer
Paul Vaillancourt

Sound Designer
Palmer Hefferan

Associate Sound Designer
Bailey Trierweiler

Director of Photography
Sam Levy

Production Manager
Libby J'Vera

Associate Production Manager
Madison Lane

Production Stage Manager
Lindsay Jones

Assistant Stage Manager
Lee Donegan
Zach Brecheen

Technical Supervisor
Romo Hallahan

Company Manager
Melanie McSweeney

Production Associate
Sam Lane

Additional Stage Managers
Cate DiGirolamo
Ashton Pickering

Sela Shiloni

Stephen Gilewski

Grapevine PR

Poster Designer
Teddy Blanks

Video System Design
Five Ohm Productions

Production Video
Ben Moll

Video Programmer
Cheyenne Doczi

Lighting Programmer
Evan Herman-Chin

Production Audio
Hayden Bearden

Video Production Manager
Anja Powell

Production Electrician
Dan Mullins, John Anselmo

Production Assistants
Da’Merius Ford, Ned Gaynor, Kalen Sierra Hughes, Kirsten Pasewaldt, Michael Rebarchak, Samantha Lindsay Robbins, Luis Rueda

Box Office Managers
Daigoro Hirahata
Hannah Oren
Graham Shelton

House Manager
Drew O'Bryan

Kennedy Allen, Emma Buford, Oscar Castillo, Kaye Hoffmeyer, Julia Larsen, Charles Meckley, Beth Miller, Nick Nutting, Bailey Whitehead, McKenna Mobus, Heather Sandler