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Alison Leiby's summer started with a bang and ended with a visit to Planned Parenthood. In between she had two root canals, a very scary trip to the "Fertility" section of a Missouri CVS and a dozen meltdowns about what you wear to your abortion, naturally. In her new show described as “humane and deeply funny” by the New York Times, she walks through the stupid minutiae, the backwards practices, and the surprising perspective that come with exercising your reproductive rights.

"Insightfully funny. In a smart and entertaining show, full of observations about the sometimes painful messiness of female bodies, her trip to Planned Parenthood is the least dramatic, most calmly straightforward part. Telling the truth about abortion — speaking of those experiences in a culture where abortion remains heavily stigmatized — well, that is rare.”
The New York Times

Vanity Fair

“Not only has she taken on the task of making abortion funny—at which she succeeds—but now she’s also trying to make audiences laugh at the humdrum realities of abortion during a historical moment when the subject feels red-hot and radioactive. Of course, abortion is so much more than a medical procedure, and “Oh God” is funniest when Leiby zigs and zags around women’s reproductive issues. Infused with bouts of sincerity and self-inquiry, many of her set’s most serious moments are high points.”
The New Yorker

“Timely and darkly hilarious! In what may be the waning days of Roe, there is an acute sense of power in Leiby’s joking about, demystifying, and otherwise normalizing abortion. This is the mission of the show.”

“This is a MUST. Hysterically funny and a vital reminder that abortion is *not* a taboo topic.”
Cynthia Nixon

Written & Performed By
Alison Leiby

Directed By
Lila Neugebauer

Presented By
Ilana Glazer

Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia
Chris Burns
Bad Robot Live

Associate Director
Caitlin Ryan O'Connell

Lighting Designer
Amina Alexander

Sound Designer
Margaret Montagna

Production Coordinator
Libby J'Vera

Production Stage Managers
MC Mangum

Company Manager
Anna Wheeler

Production Associate
Sam Lane

Additional Stage Manager
Madison Lane
Cate DiGirolao

Additional Production Assistant
Lillian Menkens-Weiler

Production Electricians
John Anselmo
Dan Mullins

Press Representatives
The Press Room

Master Electricians
Dan Mullins
John Anselmo

Key Art
Sunqueen Designs

Arin Sang-urai

Production Photography
Mindy Tucker

Stephen Gilewski Design