about the show

Fresh off the success of their hit prank show "Too Much Tuna," these two Alan Alda-obsessed Upper West Side bachelors are returning to their roots in New York theatre. Having wowed audiences with past theatrical works like "True Upper West" and the "Annie Get Your Gun" inspired "Bernie Goetz You Gun: A Non Musical Drama," Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland are back for a total victory lap and to premiere their new play "We're Us, You're You, Let's Talk." Tickets are a lot of money. Join us, won't you? And say Oh Hello....all over again.

“Critics’ Pick! ‘Oh, Hello, Live!’ is a hoot. The noise from the audience throughout their performance — that of people blind drunk on their own laughter — suggests that the roster of cool theater has now been swelled by the uncoolest dudes on the planet.”
The New York Times

Written & Performed By
Nick Kroll & John Mulaney 

Creative Consultant
Alex Timbers

Mike Berkowitz
Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia

David DeAlmo
Kristen Buckels

Associate Producers
Richard Carl
JoEllen Redlingshafer

Scenic Designer
Connor Munion

Lighting Designer
Jake DeGroot

Sound Designer
M.L. Dogg

Original Music
Mark Rivers

Additional Music
Drew Brody

Dance Consultant
Patrick McCollum

Production Supervisor
Ashley Rodbro

Assistant Production Supervisor
E. Sara Barnes

Marketing Director
Jillian Doyle

Puppet Creation
Cammi Upton

Annamarie Tendler

Production Assistants
Cayla Buettner
Kaitlyn Hoffman
Lacey Jeka
Michael McClendon
Carolyn Resnick
Julian Ross
Jesse VandenBergh

Press Representatives

Master Electricians
The Lighting Syndicate

Graphic Design
Matt James
Samantha Gannon