about the show

From the co-creator and star of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes a one-woman musical comedy that is definitely NOT about the ever-present spectre of death. Rachel Bloom’s new show is filled with raunchy and escapist material that will in NO way explore the pandemic and all the tumultuous events that ensued in her personal life. NOTHING will stop Rachel from partying like it's 2019!

"Rachel Bloom Shines! The songs are the highlights here. Bloom is especially good at puncturing emotion with surreal detail.”
— New York Times

“Sprightly and enjoyable! Bloom and her director are more than up to the task of finding the funny in the bleakest moments.”

“Bloom is an extremely funny performer so this interrogation of death is also very funny.”
— Vanity Fair

"Bloom is an extremely funny performer so this interrogation of death is also very funny.”
— Daily Beast

“Bloom’s special talent is making us laugh without losing focus on the serious matter she wishes to discuss. As far as musical comedy is concerned, she’s the reigning queen of the uncomfortably relatable.”
— Theatermania

"With signature panache and zero regard for propriety, Bloom ties her shambolic musings into one neat, colorful, hilarious bow."
— New York Stage Review

Written & Performed
Rachel Bloom

Directed By
Seth Barrish

Associate Directed By
Elizabeth Bennett

Produced By
Mike Lavoie & Carlee Briglia

Co-Produced By
Nathan Mardis

Creative Consultant
Kathryn Burns
Danny Jolles

Scenic Designer
Beowulf Boritt

Associate Set Designer
Alexis Distler

Lighting Designer
Aaron Copp

Associate Lighting Designer
Amina Alexander

Sound Designer
Alex Neumann & Beth Lake

Associate Sound Designer
Alex Brock

Projection Designer
Hana S. Kim

Associate Video Designer
Cheyenne Doczi

Costume Designer
Kristin Isola

Production Manager
Libby J'Vera

Assistant Production Managers
Madison Lane
Addison Heeren
Sophie Larin

Production Coordinator
Madison Lane

Additional Production Coordinator
Cate DiGirolamo

Music Directed By
Jerome Kurtenbach

Ann Klein

Electric Bass
John Feliciano

Ethan Eubanks

Eli Bolin,
Alden Derck, Jack Dolgen, Shaina Taub

Additional Musicians
Beth Callen, John Deley, Brandon Jackson, Tony Mason, Uri Zelig

Company Manager
Melanie McSweeney

Artistic Associate
Kelsey Flynn

Production Associate
Sam Lane
Caroline Wilkes

Press Representative
Grapevine PR 

Technical Director
Hank Boyan

HMU Consultant
Thomas Kurzman

Wardrobe Supervisor
Margaret Lazenby
Yanilsa Rafferty

A1/Sound Mixer
Marion E. Ayers
Julia McIntyre

Deck Carpenter
Nancy Michaud

Production Assistants
Uladis Bautista, Luis Rueda, Kyle Yonhorn, Sophie Larin, Abby Schaeffer, Charles Meckley, June Curry

Merch Seller
Lee Donegan

Production Electricians
John Anselmo, Dan Mullins, Chris Robinson

Assistant Production Electricians
Jamie Johnson, Emma Sheehan

Emily Darone, McKenna Ebert, Jamie Johnson, Jason Kelly, Taylor Lilly, Andrew Meador, Kenneth Olguin, Amanda Roddy, Chloe Schweizer, Tony Thorn, Cassandra Zeugin, Evan Kerr, Camille Harkins, Sydney Euber, Aaron Conover

Co-Associate Designer & Animator
Jacqueline Reed

Associate Production Video
Ally Lenihan

Assistant Production Video
Bridget Mundy

Video Technician
Scott Fetterman, Megan Mahoney, Jeff Paltan, TJ O' Leary

Production Audio
Harper Williams
Parker Stegmaier

Audio Engineers
Julia McIntyre, Nora Simonson, Natalie Soto, John Zayas, Taylor Riordan, Marion Ayers, Colten Langfitt, Natalie Price, Ruby Doolittle, Max Baines, Chris Darbassie

Rose Menkins, Jacob Savitz

Oakley Wariner

Key Artwork
Jessica Seamans in association with Dave Kloc

Additional Graphic Design
Adam Jeffers

Website and Additional Graphic Design
Stephen Gilewski

Production Photography
Emilio Madrid

Production Counsel
David Manella / Loeb + Loeb

Scenic Shop
Proof Productions

Projection & Video Equipment
PRG Broadway

Lighting Equipment

Sound Equipment
Masque Sound 

Printing Services
Pie Printing

Very Special Thanks
David Hull
Nathaniel Mason