about the show

Mike Birbiglia declares that a joke should never end with 'I'm joking.' In his all-new comedy, Birbiglia tiptoes hilariously through the minefield that is modern-day joke-telling. Join Mike as he learns that the same jokes that elicit laughter have the power to produce tears, rage, and a whole lot of getting yelled at. Ultimately it's a show that asks, "How far should we go for the laugh?" 

“Birbiglia is hiding some serious ideas beneath the laughter. This isn’t just an enjoyable performance; it’s also an admirable piece of writing, so funny and yet so smart.”
The New York Times

“Must see! Hilarious and diabolically well-constructed.”
— The New York Post

“The funniest comedy of Birbiglia’s career.”
— Vulture

Written and Performed by
Mike Birbiglia

Directed by
Seth Barrish

Produced by
Mike Berkowitz
Joseph Birbiglia
Ron Delsener
Mike Lavoie 

Scenic Design
Beowulf Boritt 

Lighting Design
Aaron Copp

Sound Design
Jim Corona 

Press Representative

Kristen Buckels
David De Almo

Marketing Director
Jillian Doyle

Associate Scenic Design
Randall Parsons 

Production Stage Management
Lauren Cavanaugh

Production Management
Tinc Productions, LLC.

Production Supervisor
Duncan R. Northern 

Associate Production Manager
David Pilchman 

Web Developer
Peter Salomone

Production Assistants
Lacey Jeka
Michael McLendon
Kaitlyn Hoffman
Jesse Vandenbergh