about the show

In Colin Quinn The New York Story, Colin bemoans the rise and fall of his hometown, the city formally known as New York, from its modest beginnings as a Dutch outpost, to the hipsters of modern Williamsburg, to the vermin below and above ground. Quinn employs satire to take aim at the prejudice, paranoias, and peculiarities that make New York City the crossroads of the world.

"Critics Pick! Full of Nostalgia from gritty old New York"
The New York Times

“New York Witty. Colin Quinn's solo 'New York Story' is his best work yet"
— The New York Post

 “A story told with earthy charm and, naturally, with a little bit of attitude. “An irreverent trip through the city's history”
— USA Today

Written and Performed by
Colin Quinn

Directed by
Jerry Seinfeld

Produced by
Mike Lavoie
Mike Berkowitz
Brian Stern

Scenic Design
Sara C. Walsh 

Assistant Scenic Design
Connor Munion

Lighting Design
Sarah Lurie 

Marketing Director
Jillian Doyle 

Press Representative
Keith Sherman and Associates 

Associate Director
Kenneth Ferrone 

Associate Producers
Kristen Buckels
David De Almo
Marcus Levy 

Stage & Production Manager
Joshua Kohler

Natalie Brasington 

Graphic Designer
Samantha Gannon